Dyson V8 Cord-free vacuum | Features | Dyson.co.nz

Cord-free. Hassle-free.

The most powerful suction of any cordless stick vacuum.3

See the Dyson V8
vacuum in action

Always on hand. Just lift off and clean, whenever you need.

Deep cleans carpets.
Sucks up pet hair.

A powerful motor inside the brush bar drives stiff nylon bristles deep into carpet pile to help remove ground-in dirt and pet hair.

Sucks up large debris and
fine dust from hard floors,

A roller covered in soft woven nylon traps large debris, whilst anti-static carbon fibre filaments help remove fine dust.

Quickly and easily converts between stick and handheld mode. Transforming the way you clean.

Perfectly balanced
to clean up-high.

Key components like the motor and battery are positioned near the hand, making the vacuum lighter and easier to lift.

Transforms to a handheld.
For beyond-the-floor cleaning –
on stairs, desks and upholstery.

Easy car cleaning.

Without a cord, it’s easy to remove dirt from footwells, upholstery and the boot – hassle-free.

New hygienic dirt ejector.

A new bin emptying mechanism hygienically drives out dust and debris in one action. There’s no need to touch the dirt.

Tools and accessories

These tools have been engineered to optimise the cleaning performance of Dyson V8 vacuums. Each one is designed for specific tasks – helping remove dirt wherever it lands.