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“No-one was designing the type of motor we needed. So we spent eight years developing our own. Without it, our cord-free vacuums could not deliver such power.”

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Watch James Dyson explain the latest digital motor.

264 digital motor patents
and patents pending.
150 engineers.
188,000 hours in development.

It took a team of 150 engineers the equivalent
of over 20 years of research and development,
to perfect the latest improvements to Dyson
cord-free technology.

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Testing Dyson Cord-free vacuums.

During testing, all Dyson machines undergo hours of gruelling resistance checks. Dyson V8 cord-free machines are pushed for 467 kilometres to ensure they're robust enough for everyday cleaning challenges.

Engineered for easy lifting

Using Archimedes' principle of the lever, Dyson engineers positioned key components like the motor and battery above and below the head. This shifts the centre of gravity, making the machine lighter and easier to use.