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Groom. Suck. Gone.

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Loose hair goes straight into the vacuum

Loose hair goes straight into the vacuum

After using other grooming tools, you often have to clean the room, then the tool, and then yourself.

The Dyson groom tool removes hair directly from your dog – before it’s shed around the home. Collected hair is then sucked straight into the vacuum.

Groom tool close up

More comfortable for your dog

The Dyson groom tool has been engineered to remove loose hair in fewer strokes, making grooming more comfortable for your dog.

Bristles close up

Slicker bristles

364 bristles are positioned in two groups, on either side of the suction channel. Each one has a diameter of 0.3 mm. They’re angled at 35°, so when pressure is applied they flex to an upright position – penetrating the entire coat and grabbing loose hairs.

Groom tool in motion

Captures allergens during grooming

The Dyson groom tool removes dead skin cells as well as loose hair – capturing allergens and stopping them spreading around the home.

One hand control

Single-hand control

Adjust bristle length and switch between groom, self-clean and self-store modes with just one thumb. No fiddly buttons or dials.

Medium and long fur

For medium and long coats

The Dyson groom tool is designed for use on medium- and long-haired adult dogs. But we don’t recommend that you use it on dogs with woollen coats, like the Kommodor or Puli.