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Cleaning the bin and cyclone

To minimize dust/allergen contact when emptying, encase the clear bin tightly in a dust proof bag and empty. Remove the clear bin carefully from the bag. Seal the bag tightly, dispose as normal.

Empty as soon as the dirt reaches the level of the max mark - do not overfill. Ensure the appliance is disconnected from the charger before emptying the clear bin. Be careful not to pull the 'ON' trigger.

Remove the wand by pressing the red wand release button and pulling away from the bin.

Remove the bin

Hold the machine with the bin in a downwards position. Firmly push the red bin release button. The bin will slide down opening the bin base.

Press the red button located on the bin runner to release the bin and slide the bin off the runner.

Gently tap the side of the cyclone over a bin. This will remove any fine dust clogged up in the cyclone. Using the Combination tool, clean the shroud to remove any debris around the cyclone.

Check the opening on the cyclone shroud for any blockages. Remove as necessary

To refit the clear bin;

Insert the spine on to the bin runner.

Close the clear bin by pushing the bin base upwards until the clear bin and bin base click into place.