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Removing blockages from the internal hose

Checking the internal hose

  • Lay the machine on its front.
  • Undo the fastening screw using a cross head screw driver.
  • Unclip the red internal hose collar.

diagram showing how to unscrew the internal hose

  • Check the internal hose for blockages and any damage.

diagram showing how to check the internal hose

Note: Refit the internal hose collar and screw before continuing with further checks.


Checking the inspection port

  • Remove the clear bin from your machine by pressing the cyclone release catch as shown.
  • Lift up the clear inspection port cover and check for blockages in the channel and remove if necessary

diagram showing how to remove the cyclone and how to check the inspection port


Reassemble the machine

  • Reassemble the machine and test the suction from the wand and hose.

diagram showing how to refit the wand